Computer Corner

Adobe Photoshop Elements                     FEE: $125
Tuesday, 7-9 p .m. (4 sess. beg.  Oct. 2)      Midland Park H.S.

This class will focus on the basic concepts and skills involved with Photoshop Elements. Topics include graphic file types, tools, layers, selection, photo editing, photo enhancement and more. The course is perfect for persons who are interested in digital photography or web page design. The software used will be Adobe Photoshop Elements, a home version of the professional version of Photoshop. The bulk of the instruction is transferable to any version of Photoshop including the professional versions. The course will focus on tools, layering and selection. Students should possess a good working knowledge of Windows. Students should have good mouse skills. This course is not for computer novices. At the end of the course, students will be able to enhance the quality of their photographs and perform photo touch-ups using a variety of techniques. A $5 material fee due to instructor at first class.  Instructor: DON ELLIOTT


INTRO TO YOUR iPAD or iPHONE        FEE: $35
Monday,  7-9 p.m. (1 sess. Oct. 1)    Midland Park H.S.

Let us show you some of the features of iOS 11 and built-in apps that make the everyday things you do even more incredible with iPhone and the iPad. In this two hour class you will learn all the great features of both the iPhone and iPad and what amazing, creative, and productive things you will create. Bring your device to class.



Monday 7-9 p.m. (1 sess. Oct. 8)      Midland Park H.S.

You’re pretty good with your iPad. You can check email, FaceTime, surf the web, and download apps, but there is so much more to the iPad. Learn how to make folders to organize your apps, use gestures to navigate the iPad faster and other advanced tips and tricks to get even more out of your iPad. Please bring your own device. 


Monday, 7-9 p.m. (1 sess. Oct. 15)   Midland Park H.S.

You just got a Android phone or tablet and is it shiny and great. In this 2 hour class get suggestions on apps to grab, settings to tweak, and really nifty things you can do with your Google-powered mini-supercomputer. Learn all this from a user for over five years and someone who has supported the devices in a retail, corporate, and real world environment.  Please bring your own device. Instructor: GREGORY FIORENTINO


Wednesday, 7-9 p.m. (1 sess. Oct. 3)           Ramsey High School

Offered in cooperation with Ramsey Community School. Register through M.P.C.E.

Learn the basics of on-line social networking.  Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites out there today – don’t be left out!  Create your own Facebook account and stay connected or reconnect with family and friends using this popular social media app.  You’ll learn to set up your account and profile, upload and share photos, find friends, exchange messages, receive notifications when others update their profiles or make posts, and understand those very important privacy settings. If you have a Facebook account please bring your password with you. Instructor: ASAD RIAZ


Wednesday, 7-9 p.m. (4 sess. beg. Oct. 3)   Midland Park H.S.

Learn about the very useful and powerful Microsoft spreadsheet program. The basic concepts and skills of Excel will be explored including worksheets, workbooks, opening files, saving files, entering data, formatting data, formulas, copying formulas, arithmetic and column summing. Learn about using AutoSum to enter summing formulas. Learn to use AutoFill to copy a formula to an entire column or row. Students will learn how to use Excel Built-In Functions in formulas and create formulas that span more than one worksheet. Additional topics include sorting tables, filtering tables, using the LookUp formulas, techniques for printing and viewing large spreadsheets. Students must have a working knowledge of the Windows operating system and must be comfortable using a mouse. The skills learned will work on all versions of Excel. When finished with this course, students will be able to create simple but useful spreadsheets and be able to modify existing spreadsheets. A $5 material fee due to instructor at first class.  Instructor: DONALD ELLIOTT


INTRO TO MAC                                                    FEE: $35
Wednesday, 7-9 p.m. (1 sess. Nov. 14)           Ramsey High School

Offered in cooperation with Ramsey Community School. Register through M.P.C.E.

 If you’ve always been a PC user but are curious about the iMac this class is for you. You’ll learn all about the iMac basic features and how to perform some of the common tasks. Learn to set up your iMac settings (System Preferences) including your printer, to load applications, to use your window, file management using Spotlight, Finder, Dock and Time Machine, and more. You’ll learn all you need to know to begin working on your new iMac or to make the leap to an iMac. Mac desktops are provided or bring your personal Mac computer or notebook to have it all set once you leave class.  Instructor: ASAD RIAZ


SELLING ON eBAY            FEE: $90
Wednesday, 7-9:30 p.m. (2 sess. Oct. 17 & 24)      Ramsey High School

Offered in cooperation with Ramsey Community School. Register through M.P.C.E.

Learn from an eBay Power Seller how to sell successfully-from start to finish. Topics include: How eBay works, safe trading using eBay Buyer/Seller Protection, learning the value of your items, pricing your merchandise, writing a description, taking photos, using a PayPal account, the bidding and selling process, shipping your goods, understanding eBay fees, collecting your payment, delivery confirmation, handling feedback, and more.  Students will be able to develop their own eBay listings upon completion of this class. Prerequisite: Students are required to have an email address and a registered eBay ID prior to first class.  Instructor: ASAD RIAZ


EXPLORING WINDOWS 10                 FEE: $75
Thursday, 7-8:30pm (3 sess. Oct. 4, 11, 18)            Midland Park H.S.

This class will focus on all aspects of Windows 10, from initial installation to usage, like a semi-pro.  We will begin with a comparison between Windows 10 and previous versions (Windows 7 & 8). Please bring in your computer for personal setup including local weather, browser start pages, history, and adjustments for safe working.  Desktop computers will also be available for your hands-on usage and application of these settings covered in class.  If your laptop is new, we will explain the use of  “Touch screen” and other nuances.  Then we will move on to best practices for security, upgrades, free anti-virus, personalization, screen wallpaper, icons, and the use of One Drive (Free 5 Gb of storage via Microsoft). More advanced topics include: Wi-fi enabling your computer, router configuration, dealing with crashes, and restoring your unit when necessary.  Windows 7 or 8 users will be able to assess their computer and determine if it can or should be upgraded, and shown how.  Moving photos from phone and/or camera will be demonstrated and secure on-line shopping and banking will also be covered. Proper cleaning and maintenance will be demonstrated also. Instructor: JOHN YESSIS   

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