Computer Corner

Thursday, 7-9 p .m. (4 sess. beg. Feb. 27)       Midland Park H.S.

This class will focus on the basic concepts and skills involved with Photoshop Elements. Topics include graphic file types, tools, layers, selection, photo editing, photo enhancement and more. The course is perfect for persons who are interested in digital photography or web page design. The software used will be Adobe Photoshop Elements, a home version of the professional version of Photoshop. The bulk of the instruction is transferable to any version of Photoshop including the professional versions. The course will focus on tools, layering and selection. Students should
possess a good working knowledge of Windows. Precise mouse actions are required so students should have good mouse skills. This course is not for computer novices. At the end of the course, students will be able to enhance the quality of their photographs, perform photo touch-ups, and use editing techniques to create completely new photo compositions. A $5 material fee due to instructor at first class. Instructor: DON ELLIOTT

INTRO TO IPAD                                              FEE: $35
7 -9pm (1 sess. Mar. 2)               Midland Park H.S.

Come learn about the ipad or iphone, and why it’s such an intuitive device to use. In this class you will learn how to navigate, and update the ipad along with how to download an APP and some other great features that will make the ipad or iphone much easier to use. Bring your own device.  Instructor: GREG FIORENTINO, a certified Apple tech, trainer and tech enthusiast for over 10 years.

ADVANCED IPAD                                           FEE: $35
7 - 9pm (1 sess.  Mar. 9)            Midland Park H.S.

can navigate the ipad and download apps and now want to take it a step or two further. In this class you will learn how to use gestures, security, and some great hidden features to get even more out of your iphone or ipad. Bring your own device.  Instructor: GREG FIORENTINO, certified Apple tech, trainer and enthusiast for over 10 years.

THE WORLD OF EXCEL        FEE: $135 (SR $128)  (plus $10 mat. due at reg. )
Mon & Wed. (4 sess. beg. Mar. 16)        Ramsey High School

This course is designed for both beginner and intermediate students to be able to get the most out of an Excel class.  In addition to answering students' specific questions, we will touch on all the important aspects of Excel.  You will learn the most efficient ways to accomplish tasks and bring yourself up to a more advanced level.  You will also learn how to be fast and efficient with various time saving features - there's more than one way to accomplish things in Excel!  This class will update and enhance your knowledge of this multifaceted program to further your professional and personal endeavors.  We welcome both avid users and non-users alike who are ready to learn what Excel is all about or to take a deeper dive into the world of Excel!  Please bring to class your list of features & functions that you want addressed. For PC users only. Classes held at Ramsey High School. Rm 218  Instructor:  Sandra Span


EXCEL II                                                             FEE: $125
7-9 p.m. (4 sess. beg. Feb. 25)          Midland Park H.S.

This course is intended as a follow up to Excel I. Many of the topics from the introductory course will be covered in greater depth, especially the writing of functions. Additional topics will be covered such as look up tables, sorting tables, table objects, filtering tables, working with text information, working with
date/time information, printing and viewing large sheets, additional work with 3-dimensions, conditional formatting. Much time will be spent on creating and modifying formulas. Students will learn how to use Excel Built-In Functions in formulas. At the end of the class, students will be able to create useful, pow- erful spreadsheets that can be used at home and office. The class will not cover pivot tables, forecasting, what-if analysis or macros. A $5 material fee is due to instructor at first class. Instructor: DON ELLIOTT

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